• 08: 30 am Registrations
    09:00 am Opening by Quest Conferences
    09:05 am Chief Guest Address – IOT- Connecting & Creating A Smarter India (Govt. Of India Initiatives)
    09:25 am Welcome Address by Presenting Partner
    09:30 am Key Note Address: Nasscom Centre Of Excellence
    09:50 am Corporate Presentation
    10:10 am Panel 1: CEO Panel - The Future of IoT – The Next Revolution

    What challenges are currently hindering innovation in IoT How IoT is shaping Business Models Ownership of models with the product, changing revenue models and payment Overcoming barriers, getting past competition and reaching collaboration Moving towards a connected world
    11:10 am Corporate Presentation
    11:30 am Networking Tea / Coffee Session
    11:45 am Panel 2: How is IOT influencing and changing business models
    IoT as key enabler for digital world Customer behaviour is changing Think and act customer centric The two sides of a coin
    12:45 pm Corporate Presentation
    01:05 pm Networking Lunch Session
    02:00 pm Panel 3: Stepping into the fast lane, what does a fully autonomous future really look like?
    Exploring approaches to autonomous features being developed and monetization opportunities Looking at how to overcome major barriers to the adoption of IoT such as reliability, security and liability issues The advantages and dis-advantages of putting the consumer in the front line to test autonomous features Revolutionary Changes in Financing and Insurance
    03:00 pm Corporate Presentation
    03:20 pm Panel 4: Developing the future of IOT Security
    Consequences for businesses and consumers Exploring the next evolutions of the devices required in IoT and how to maintain the securely. What do individual organizations require to mitigate expected security risks? Cybersecurity attacks – Securing you products. IoT Security and Automation challenges
    04:20 pm Networking High Tea Session
    04:40 pm Panel 5: Harnessing the power of IoT to transform manufacturing
    Predictive & Proactive maintenance Real-Time Monitoring Asset/Resource Optimization Remote Diagnosis
    05:30 pm Closing Address
    05.35 pm End of Day 1 of India IoT Summit
  • 08:30 am Registrations
    09:00 am Key Note Address: IoT policy and standards in India
    09:15 am Panel 6: Smart Manufacturing Using IOT
    Next-generation operational intelligence Unified key performance indicators Connected operations and paperless shop floor Gaining visibility into supplier’s critical quality and manufacturing metrics Asset tracking: Real-time, continuous visibility into location and status Predictive analytics Real-time asset health monitoring: minimizing downtime and avoiding potential failures
    10:15 am Corporate Presentation
    10:30 am Networking Tea / Coffee Session
    10:45 am Panel 7: IoT and cognitive applications for business
    What are the most promising applications of IoT currently Cognitive IoT app – How will it create new possibilities for IoT? How to build powerful cognitive IoT applications? Is it easier than you think? Things to know before you start How to embed cognitive computing technology directly into smartphones? Will it accelerate in the next several years? What are the key considerations?
    11:45 am Corporate Presentation
    12:05 pm Panel 8: The Cloud: How can IoT enable innovation using Cloud
    Challenges & opportunities of taking IoT to Cloud Steps for implementation International best practices & standards Cloud security
    01:00 pm Networking Lunch Session
    02:00 pm Panel 9: IoT Connected Smart Vehicles
    Release software updates in real time Obtain data from the car to analyze it’s performance and obtain valuable data regarding user Helps enhancing Customer Centric Approach – preferences, service & new products
    03.00 pm Corporate Presentation
    03.30 pm Networking High Tea Session
    04:00 pm Corporate Presentation
    04:30 pm Panel 10: How is IOT influencing and evolving automobile industry
    IoT as key enabler for the automobile industry Challenges & roadblocks in implementation How IoT is helping in bottom line & top line growth International best practices & implementations
    05.30 pm Closing Address
    05:35 pm End of India IoT Summit